About Us

KICK-EEZ® is much more than a company to our President, Willard M. Latimer (a World War II Veteran), and his family; it’s a lifestyle! Willard, who is in his 90s, began his hunting career as a young boy learning from his Grandfather, Samuel M. Latimer. He has passed on his love of the sport to all his family; in fact, he is now sharing his love with the third generation of his own family! Since hunting has always been one of the most important things in Willard’s life, the beginning of KICK-EEZ® was a natural phenomenon. Willard was golfing one day in 1985 with some friends at his local golf course in Chehalis, Washington, and a friend pulled a piece of Sorbothane® out of his pocket and asked what he thought it could be used for. Without hesitation, Willard answered, “It sure would make a good gun pad!” KICK-EEZ® was created the very next year!

KICK-EEZ® is located at 1819 Schurman Way, #106, Woodland, WA, close to where Willard and his family reside. Willard is now retired but his daughter, Susan is the Office Manager; daughter Cheryl is the General Manager and her husband, Dave, is the Warehouse Manager & Technical Support Person (the one who can answer ALL your questions all the time!) and his sons, Steve & Bill are Vice Presidents.


Willard & His Family
Steve, Shelley, Susan, Cheryl, Bill, Lorraine & Willard

Another successful Montana Hunt for Willard!

Son-In-Law Dave & Grandsons Shawn, Matt & Greg 2014 Shot Show in Las Vegas

Willard’s Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren helping celebrate his 92nd birthday!