KICK-EEZ Introduces replacement/upgrade pads for Magpul stocks

2 Pre-fit Magpul Buttpads set to ship in September 2022

Upgrade your stock with a Magpul Buttpad

At KICK-EEZ, we take great pride in providing the absolute best in gun and shotgun accessories. Our commitment to quality has built trust with firearms enthusiasts ranging from hunters to recreational and competitive shooters.  


At any level, stability and performance is paramount to handling a gun with both proper safety and effectiveness.  Shock absorption plays a key role in that.  If you can reduce the natural tendency to flinch when firing a weapon, you can become a more effective owner and operator of all firearms, especially long guns. For this reason we offer the best recoil pads available.  


In this article we are excited to highlight two recoil pad products that enhance the stocks made by the widely respected company Magpul.  These items will be ready to ship in September 2022 and are sure to be a great addition to your firearm..


 Benefits of using a Magpul Buttpad

Magpul embodies the ideals of quality and excellence that are so deeply embedded into our American culture.  The company had its beginnings in 1999 and was started by a United States Marine veteran.  Magpul is a designer and manufacturer of world renowned, high tech polymer and composite firearms accessories.  


The Magpul stock designs are favorites among many gun owners throughout the United States of America.  Both durable and comfortable, the ergonomics of their stocks alone allow for a more enjoyable experience when firing the weapons that can be matched with their product.  That is partly because when a gun owner is comfortable with their firearm, greater accuracy and efficiency naturally follows.  


With that in mind, recoil is unavoidable. By installing a KICK-EEZ Pre-fit Magpul Buttpad to your stock, you will significantly lower damaging vibrations that can alter the trajectory after discharge. That means less pain, a better shooting experience, and you can shoot for hours without anticipating recoil.  


Let’s face it, whether recreational shooting or competitive, even the slightest advantage makes all the difference.  For the hunter it may mean snagging that trophy buck.  For the competitive shooter, the win and the respect of his or her peers at the range.  Not only will our Magpul Buttpad make you a more effective shooter, it will also lessen wear and tear on both you and the firearm itself.  By avoiding slippage from kickback, you also increase firearm safety which is top priority for every responsible gun owner.

KICK-EEZ Magpul Recoil for sale online | Shipping Starts September 2022

The 2 Magpul Buttpads that we offer are pre-fit for Magpul stocks and installed without the need for an adapter. Just remove your original Magpul recoil pad and install the new KICK-EEZ replacement pads using the same screws.


KICK-EEZ Magpul SGA and Hunter Stock Buttpad

KICK-EEZ Magpul SGA and Hunter stock recoil pad



The Magpul Hunter stocks are made from polymer that is reinforced.  There is an anodized aluminum bedding block.  Overall, this remains one of the most cost-effective upgrades on the market.


The advanced ergonomics of this enhancement includes adjustable comb, height, and pull length.  


The SGA Buttstock made by Magpul is also a very durable upgrade.  Ambidextrous and easily configured by the user, the design is made for recoil suppression.  With the addition of a KICK-EEZ Magpul Buttpad you will have maximum control.  It compliments the manufacturers design which includes features that contribute to an overall improved grip.


The KICK-EEZ Magpul Buttpad for the SGA/Hunter stock is a perfect fit!   Installation is extremely easy and actually uses the original screws provided out-of-the-box with your Magpul stock.  For more information on the installation of KICK-EEZ Recoil pads, click here.  


Our Magpul Carbine Stock Buttpad replacement option

KICK-EEZ Magpul Carbine Recoil Pad


KICK-EEZ now offers a Magpul Buttpad option to align with the manufacturer’s most popular buttstocks.  For years, Magpul has been a go-to for replacing the factory stocks on firearms such as M4s and AR15s.  As great as these stocks are, adding a recoil pad to replace the .30” factory buttstock pad will be a big upgrade.  


Starting this September, we know that the addition of our Magpul recoil pad for the carbine stocks is set to further enhance these add-ons.


Our high quality recoil Magpul Buttpads will fit the following Buttstocks:


MOE Carbine Stock

STR Carbine Stock

ACS Carbine Stock

STR Stock

UBR Stock

CTR Stock

Pro 700


Why Choose KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads?


There are plenty of reasons to consider KICK-EEZ® recoil pads, including the all new Magpul buttpad options.  You can find answers to questions in our FAQ section.  However, if you own a Magpul buttstock, here are a few reasons to consider purchasing our products for recoil suppression.  


  1. Unmatched Energy Dispersion

    The KICK-EEZ Magpul Buttpad options disperse energy in ALL directions.  Competitive replacements often distribute the force in 2 directions. 
  2. Maintained Product Integrity
    Our products will not distort or lose their effectiveness even after being compressed thousands of times.  The majority of recoil pads on the market cannot make that claim as the bottom out over time.
  3. Pre-fit for simple installation
    Our Magpul buttpads come pre-fit.  There is no adapter needed and they use the very same screws that come from the factory already on your stock.
  4. Double the recoil suppression
    Factory or other aftermarket recoil pads can’t compare.  We offer twice the suppression of our competitors 

From shotguns to rifles, KICK-EEZ is an industry leader when it comes to your accessory needs.  We can proudly say that our products are exceeding the expectations of gun owners throughout our great country.  


One of the biggest reasons for our success is KICK-EEZ® recoil pads and shooting supplies are made of Sorbothane®. Sorbothane® provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly.  This revolutionary material is what sets our Magpul buttpad and other recoil suppression products apart.


We hope that you will consider our recoil pads for the majority of your firearms.  The pads come in pre-fit, grind to fit, and slip on.  Our inventory however is not limited to just these recoil pads.  Shop our store for accessories and gear as well!


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Customer service is our top priority.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!