Tomorrow, January 23, the Arizona House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 2103 at 9:30 a.m. in House Hearing Room 4. HB 2103, introduced by state Representative Kelly Townsend (R-16), will expand eligibility for CCW permits to those persons who are 19 years of age and older with military service including those on active duty, those who have been honorably discharged or those who have been discharged under honorable conditions. Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to SUPPORT House Bill 2103. Contact information is provided below: House Judiciary Committee: Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R-12), Chairman (602) 926-5735 Representative Justin Pierce (R-25), Vice-Chairman (602) 926-5495 Representative John Allen (R-15) (602) 926-4916 Representative Lupe Chavira Contreras (D-19) (602) 926-5284 Representative Doris Goodale (R-5) (602) 926-5408 Representative Albert Hale (D-7) (602) 926-4323 Representative Ethan Orr (R-9) (602) 926-3235 Representative Martin Quezada (D-29) (602) 926-5911