The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently passed a ban on the possession of so-called “large-capacity magazines,” defined as ammunition feeding devices capable of holding more than ten rounds. It is expected that the Mayor of San Francisco will sign the ordinance into law any day now. Once this ban goes into effect, residents will have a short window of time to surrender their magazines to police or remove them from the City.

Your NRA has already instructed its California legal team at Michel & Associates to file a Second Amendment civil rights lawsuit challenging the pending “large-capacity magazine” possession ban.

If you will be affected by the unlawful magazine ban in San Francisco, please contact Michel & Associates, today at (562) 216-4444 or by e-mail to discuss your legal options.

If you will not be impacted by the pending magazine ban, but would still like to contribute to the fight to protect your Second Amendment rights in California, please donate to the NRA Legal Action Project here. For a summary of the many actions your NRA legal team has taken or is currently taking on behalf of California gun owners, click here.