Contact Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee

The 2014 legislative session has convened in Sacramento and the anti-gun assault has already begun. It is now time for gun owners and sportsmen to call their state legislators urging them to oppose any and all anti-gun legislation. Senate Bill 199 and Senate Bill 808 are scheduled to be heard in the state Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, January 21, at 11:00 a.m. in the John L. Burton hearing room 4203 in the state Capitol. SB 199 would ban the sale/transfer of used and antique BB devices and imitation firearms that are not colored, as specified. SB 808 would impose heavy restrictions and costly fees on the ability to make, or even assemble, a personal firearm. Please call AND e-mail members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and urge them to OPPOSE SB 199 AND SB 808. The contact information for members of this committee is provided below. Remind members of this committee that both of these anti-gun bills are already covered by federal law. Let them know that these bills are duplicative, unnecessary and a waste of valuable legislative time. California already has enough anti-gun laws that are doing nothing to reduce the violent crime rate and it doesn’t need any more. Don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen in California and urge them call AND e-mail members of this committee urging them to OPPOSE SB 199 AND SB 808. Senate Appropriations Committee: Senator Kevin de León (D-22) Chairman Office: 916-651-4022 Fax: 916-651-4922 Senator Mimi Walters (R-37) Vice Chairman Office: 916-651-4037 Fax: 916-651-4937 Senator Ted Gaines (R-1) Office: 916-651-4001 Fax: 916-651-4901 Senator Jerry Hill (D-13) Office: 916-651-4013 Fax: 916-651-4913 Senator Ricardo Lara (D-33) Office: 916-651-4033 Fax: 916-651-4933 Senator Alex Padilla (D-20) Office: 916-651-4020 Fax: 916-651-4920 Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-6) Office: 916-651-4006 Fax: 916-651-4906