Celebrate Independence Day with a KICK-EEZ® Patriot Pad
KICK-EEZ® joins all Americans in our great nation in celebrating Independence Day, a day that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence declaring our country’s independence from Great Britain.
 Willard Latimer USAF, retired
KICK-EEZ® is owned and operated by Willard Latimer, a US veteran of World War II, and he, like all employees of KICK-EEZ®, are indebted to our United States military veterans for continuing to protect and preserve the independence of our great nation! On behalf of all US Armed Forces servicemen and servicewomen, KICK-EEZ® is delighted to have created our Old Glory-inspired red, white and blue Patriot Pads as a way to continually celebrate our shared bonds of service and unwavering commitment to our country. As a special thank you to those who have served, KICK-EEZ® is pleased to offer a 50% discount to all US Military veterans for the purchase of KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane®-based Patriot Pads throughout the month of July. If you are a United States armed forces veteran, simply use coupon code PATRIOT at checkout to receive 50% discount on your KICK-EEZ® Patriot Pad!