Cheek-EEZ:  Installing and Removing
Cheek-EEZ are an oval-shaped sheet of microcellular urethane that adheres to your gun comb, helping to eliminate recoil to the cheek. These pads are also very useful if you need some adjustment to your line of sight. KICK-EEZ® sells Cheek-EEZ pads in (4) different thicknesses: 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”. Note: Cheek-EEZ are NOT designed to be put on and taken off. They can be removed, but should be regarded as semi-permanent.

Installing Your Cheek-EEZ

Clean your stock thoroughly with the alcohol swab provided with the pad to remove all the dirt and oil. DO NOT remove the backing paper from the pad until you have determined its exact location. Slide, or fold the pad back and forth from side-to-side in order to figure out where this will be (you can hold the pad in place with rubber bands until you decide its location). Once you have determined the location for your pad, it’s a good idea for to mark your stock with a pencil so that when you peel the backing paper from the pad, you will have a guide. Work your way from the top of the comb and press and smooth outward towards the edges, making sure to firmly attach the edges of your pad.

Removing Your Cheek-EEZ

Although our Cheek-EEZ are considered to be semi-permanent, they can be removed. However, keep in mind that in most cases your pad will be destroyed during removal! To remove a Cheek-EEZ, use your thumbs or the palm of your hand and slowly roll or peel it off. Removing too quickly may tear the pad as well as leave glue residue on your stock. You can remove glue residue on your stock by using Goof-Off, or any citrus-based glue remover. To avoid damaging the finish on your stock, always test in an inconspicuous area first. Once you have removed all the glue residue, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean your stock thoroughly. DO NOT use glue remover of any kind as it WILL damage your stock!