How Do I Choose the Correct Recoil Pad?
KICK-EEZ® carries a wide selection of shotgun recoil pads designed to meet all your shooting needs. KICK-EEZ® recoil pads are ideal for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters. Our customers often have questions when selecting the correct recoil pad for their gun. In an effort to help, we've created this list of four questions we regularly receive from customers to help you choose the correct KICK-EEZ® recoil pad
  1. What are your Length of Pull (LOP) requirements? This is extremely important for a proper gun fit!
  2. What type of shooting will you be doing? Some recoil pads lend themselves to low-gun mounts, and others to fixed pre-mounts.
  3. What is the thickest pad you can use? A thicker pad will reduce more recoil than a thinner pad, so always choose the thickest pad possible. “More is always better.”
  4. Do you want a Pre-Fit recoil pad, or a Grind-To-Fit recoil pad? Pre-Fit pads come in one style and one thickness but are quick and easy to install but stock variation makes finding a perfect fit difficult. GTF Pads require sanding for a proper fit but offer more styles and thicknesses.