On Tuesday, August 12, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) will meet to consider two firearm-related rules. After failing to adopt rules for more than a year and creating a mess of the Law Enforcement objection process, the Concealed Carry Review Board has finally submitted “emergency” rules for their operation. No emergency currently exists that isn’t entirely of their own making. They now want to limit any applicant’s due process and ability to respond to objections filed by a law enforcement agency. JCAR will consider these rules at its next meeting on August 12. Also being considered are rule changes for instructors to follow, including:
  • Changes to the process of approving prior training.
  • Instructors will now be required to keep prior training information of all students for five years.
  • These requirements are mandated regardless of the potentially personal information that may be included in the prior training.
Please call and e-mail members of JCAR TODAY and respectfully request that they do the following:
  • Reject the emergency nature of the review board’s proposed rules.
  • Implement a normal rulemaking process which has been absent for over a year.
  • Oppose the new recordkeeping requirement on concealed carry instructors. The State Police are continuing to try and put instructors in jeopardy and push their obligations off on other people.
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules: Senator Don Harmon (D-39), Co-Chairman (217) 782-8176 Representative Timothy L. Schmitz (R-65), Co-Chairman (217) 782-5457 Infotimschmitz@gmail.com Senator Pamela Althoff (R-32) (217) 782-8000 Senator Tony Munoz (D-1) (217) 782-9415 Senator Sue Rezin (R-38) (217) 782-3840 Senator Dale A. Righter (R-55) (217) 782-6674 Senator Ira Silverstein (D-8) (217) 782-5500 Representative Gregory Harris (D-13) (217) 782-3835 Representative Louis I. Lang (D-16) (217) 782-1252 Langli@ilga.gov Representative David L. Leitch (R-73) (217) 782-8108 Repdavidleitch@gmail.com Representative Donald L. Moffitt (R-74) (217) 782-8032 Moffitt@grics.net Representative Andre Thapedi (D-32) (217) 782-1702 Rep32district@gmail.com