KICK-EEZ® Represents at the Girlfriends Run for the Cure
KICK-EEZ® is proud to be an active member in the local community, sponsoring and participating in many events. One event in particular is especially important and always a highlight each year - the Girlfriends Run for the Cure. This year, several women represented KICK-EEZ® and we are proud to say the proceeds from this event, more than $60,000, helped the Girlfriends Run for the Cure accomplish their goal of raising more than $500,000 over the past 11 years! It really is amazing to see what a strong group of powerful women (and a handful of guys) are able to accomplish! We'd like to share a touching statement released from the wonderful sponsors of this event: "We couldn’t help but feel so much joy yesterday as we looked around and saw so many women reaching for their best, challenging their limits and overcoming various obstacles, volunteers giving their time and energy to help and support, all of us cheering each other on, inspiring and spreading love and positive energy. With so much negative energy in our world today, we NEED more of this type of spirit! Thank you all for being part of our event, inspiring so many and uniting on this incredibly important mission!" If you would like to view photos or become a part of this important movement, please be sure to visit and like the Why Racing Events page. Thank you to all of the women who represented KICK-EEZ® at the Girlfriends Run for the Cure. You make us proud and thankful every day, but especially when we reflect on our accomplishments and the purpose of your participation. Additionally, congratulations to the athletes who were top performers, including: Half Marathon Champions:
  • 1st Place – Kelly Cole, Age 39, Overall time, 1:28:40 (6:46 average pace)
  • 2nd Place – Maddie Woodson, Age 19, Overall time of 1:32:30 (7:04 pace)
  • 3rd Place – Jessica Orefice, Age 29, Overall time of 1:34:55 (7:15 average pace)
  • Masters Champion – Karen McKinnis, Age 55, Overall time of 1:34:56 (average pace 7:15)
*Special Recognition to Andrew Prentice, age 34, one of our Pink Brigade Guys who posted the fastest Half Marathon time of 1:22:59 (6:20 pace) showing he can run fast and raise donations for an important cause! Quarter Marathon Champions:
  • 1st Place – Amanda Foggia, Age 25, Overall time, 48:14 (7:22 average pace)
  • 2nd Place – Beth Carter, Age 40, Overall time of 48:19 (7:23 average pace)
  • 3rd Place –Monica Emerick, Age 44, Overall time of 48:21 (7:23 average pace)
  • Masters Champion – Heather Young, Age 41, Overall time of 50:20 (7:41 average pace)
*Special Recognition to Chris Matson, age 47, one of our Pink Brigade Guys who posted the fastest Quarter Marathon time of 48:47 (7:27 average pace) Thanks again to the wonderful host of this event, Why Racing Events. We can't wait to participate again next year.