KICK-EEZ Rifle Recoil Pads

The Rifleman’s Recoil Pad

So, what’s the big deal about choosing the right rifle and shotgun recoil pad, anyways? They all seem to be about the same, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Insist on the Best

When it comes to rifle recoil pads, it’s no secret recoil absorption is the name of the game. The most discerning marksmen – competitive shooters, hunters, military, even recreational shooters – have come to rely on Sorbothane®-based KICK-EEZ® recoil pads, and their unique ability to absorb energy multi-directionally, as the top-performing recoil pad available for their rifles and shotguns. What makes KICK-EEZ rifle and shotgun recoil pads the best, you ask? Great question.

Recoil Pad Materials

Because KICK-EEZ is the only recoil pad manufacturer allowed to use Sorbothane® in the construction of their pads, the competition is forced to use inferior materials like rubber and plastic compounds. The result is a hard, lifeless ‘pad’, ill-equipped to perform up to the standards of an advanced synthetic viscoelastic urethane polymer like Sorbothane in comparative tests.

Recoil Pad Construction

And because KICK-EEZ recoil pads are made of super dampening Sorbothane, our pads never contain hollows, plates, springs, or any of the other gimmicks you may find on the market that simply fail to perform. What you get is a recoil pad made of solid Sorbothane, and the pleasure of experiencing maximum recoil dampening performance, increased accuracy and dramatically decreased flinching and shoulder fatigue every time you shoot.

Limitless Fitments

With quite a few pre-fit sizes available, be sure to browse our templates library to view and print options that may be the best fit for your gun. Also, KICK-EEZ offers Grind-to-Fit shotgun and rifle recoil pads that can be customized to fit virtually any platform. Remember, since we never use metal plates or hollows in the construction of our solid Sorbothane recoil pads, you’re safe to grind away to achieve the perfect fit!

Service and Support

KICK-EEZ has been family-owned and operated since 1985, with four generations of proud family members having worked for the organization. We are dedicated to providing you with a personable, enjoyable shopping experience, and we are here to happily assist with any questions you may have. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for choosing to support family-owned businesses in the United States. Happy shooting!