Here at KICK-EEZ®, nothing makes us happier than learning about how our American-made products help shooting enthusiasts of all types perform better in their recreational, competitive shooting, military, and hunting activities. Because of the unique shock absorbing characteristics of Sorbothane®, our recoil pads have proven to be the most effective products on the market for shooters looking for increased accuracy as well as less wear-and-tear on the body. We'd like to hear from you to learn how KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane-based recoil pads and shooting supplies have added enjoyment, precision, and even a touch of flair to your shooting activities. As a testament to our customers who inspire us to continue producing the best recoil pads in the shooting industry, beginning in March, 2015, a KICK-EEZ® Shooter of the Month will be featured highlighting recreational and competitive shooters, military personnel and hunters who are proud advocates of their KICK-EEZ® products. If you would like to receive consideration as a potential KICK-EEZ® Shooter of the Month, please complete all fields and submit the form (below):