Patrick Coile KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays recoil pad in red
In his second March shooting event, KICK-EEZ® Shooter of the Month Patrick Coile will compete in the 2015 Palmetto Cup in Camden, South Carolina. For this competition, we've been informed Patrick will be solely shooting FITASC. Learn more about FITASC, here. Also, interested shooters are able to register for the 2015 Palmetto Cup online, here. Note: NSCA and FITASC rules will be observed for these events.

Patrick Coile | Palmetto Cup Events

Patrick plans to compete in the following events at the 2015 Palmetto Cup (now updated with results):
  • First place: AA 20 gauge FITASC, 44/50 targets
  • Runner-up (by tie breaker): AA 28 gauge FITASC, 43/50 targets
  • FITASC Main event - 12 gauge., 67/100 targets
Patrick Coile KICK-EEZ® Sporting Clays recoil pad in red Patrick Coile with his KICK-EEZ® Sporting Clays recoil pad in red

Patrick Coile | Gun Configuration

For FITASC shooting events, Patrick shoots with:

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