The 2014 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature concluded yesterday, with NRA members enjoying significant victories with the passage and enactment of pro-Second Amendment legislation along with defeat of all restrictive gun control measures. Your phone calls and e-mails made the difference throughout the legislative process! Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has already signed the following NRA-supported bills into law, all of which will take effect on August 1: House Bill 72, sponsored by state Representative Joe Lopinto (R-Metairie) and state Senator Bob Kostelka (R-Monroe), solves a conflict between the state concealed carry law and a separate criminal statute to clarify that concealed handgun permit holders may possess firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol. Louisiana will now join the 49 other states that allow some form of carry for personal protection in these establishments. House Bill 186/Senate Bill 212, sponsored by state Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) and state Senator Rick Ward (R-Port Allen), will allow for the use of lawfully-owned suppressors while hunting game animals. Louisiana now joins the majority of other states which allow firearm sound suppressors to be used for taking game. Suppressors help prevent hearing loss, mitigate noise complaints and can increase accuracy for both experienced and novice hunters. House Bill 1066, sponsored by state Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) and state Senator Neil Riser (R-Columbia), makes technical changes to the state's concealed carry law which should qualify Louisiana permit holders for an exemption from the NICS check when purchasing a firearm from a federal firearm licensed dealer. Carry permit holders in 21 other states -- including the neighboring states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas -- currently enjoy this exemption. Note: Although this law takes effect on August 1, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) must still review the statute changes and qualify the state for NICS alternative status.