According to a recent Nevada Department of Public Safety memo, Louisiana concealed carry permits will no longer be recognized by Nevada because of a 2013 law change that provided for the issuance of lifetime permits in the Sportsman’s Paradise. It is unknown why Nevada will no longer honor Louisiana’s standard five-year permit, as holders had previously been granted reciprocity and it remains separate and distinct from the lifetime permit created by the 2013 statute. As reported by the NRA-ILA, this and other changes to different states’ reciprocal status were made following a yearly review of all state permitting systems required under Nevada law. In order for an out-of-state permit to be recognized, Nevada Revised Statutes require that permit requirements be substantially similar to or more stringent than Nevada’s own. The NRA-ILA is working with the Louisiana State Police to provide Nevada state officials with information on Louisiana carry laws that will hopefully remedy this situation. We will keep you updated when more information is available. Additionally, we previously reported to you that technical changes to the state’s concealed carry law in House Bill 1066 by State Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) took effect on August 1. These changes should eventually qualify holders of five-year Louisiana carry permits for an exemption from the NICS check when purchasing a gun from a federal firearm licensed dealer. This is an exemption that permit holders in 21 other states -- including the neighboring states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas -- currently enjoy. Although the law took effect on August 1, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) must still review the statute changes and administrative compliance with those before officially qualifying the state and its permit holders for NICS alternative status. State law enforcement officials are in the process of updating electronic databases to conduct NICS checks on both initial and renewal applicants for five-year carry permits, as required by HB 1066, and expect that process to be completed in the nearfuture. Your NRA-ILA will report to you on the progress made by state and federal agencies as we continue working to secure this exemption for law-abiding carry permit holders in Louisiana.