Last Friday, Senate Bill 281 was considered and passed in the House Judiciary Committee by a 14-8 vote and in the House Health and Government Operations Committee by a 13-10 vote. SB 281 was reported by these committees with amendments and goes to the House floor TOMORROW. If passed in the House, SB 281 will go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote on the House amendments. It is critical that you contact your Delegates NOW and urge them to OPPOSE SB 281. During the committee hearings, multiple amendments were heard and considered. Among those was an amendment aimed at punishing criminals, unlike the rest of SB 281 that only targets law-abiding gun owners. This positive amendment passed during the hearing only to be reversed later in an unprecedented “do-over vote.” During the second vote, multiple legislators changed their vote and the amendment failed. Do not let anti-gun legislators push SB 281 through without hearing your opposition. Contact your Delegates immediately and strongly urge them to oppose SB 281. Contact information for your state legislators can be found here. Also, please contact the Senators and Delegates who voted against Senate Bill 281 and thank them for their support of your Second Amendment rights.