Most Asked Recoil Pad Question, February 2017
Each week, we interact with countless customers from around the world, and we're often presented with common questions that have answers we'd like to share with our larger audience. We hope these 'Most Asked' questions and answers help you to better understand what makes our KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads the top performing recoil pads on the market for your rifle or shotgun today, helping you to shoot longer at the range by reducing shoulder fatigue and pain, increase accuracy, and simply gain more enjoyment from your shooting activities. The most frequently asked question during the month of February was: What exactly is Sorbothane® and why does KICK-EEZ® use this product for their recoil pads instead of rubber and other materials commonly used in recoil pad design?
Question: What is Sorbothane and why does KICK-EEZ use it to make their recoil pads? Answer: Sorbothane is a polyurethane material that is polyether-based, a much more effective vibration isolating and dampening material than rubber and plastic.

Sorbothane Recoil Pad Construction

Sorbothane® is a polyurethane material that is polyether-based, providing unique vibration isolation and damping characteristics. Using a damping material such as Sorbothane is ideal for reducing shock! Do you remember the “bowling ball” mattress commercials where someone would drop a bowling ball on a bed that had a glass of wine on it and the wine would not spill? The reason it didn’t spill is because the mattress material would dissipate the bowling ball “energy” in ALL directions. This is exactly what happens when you shoot your gun with a KICK-EEZ Recoil Pad installed on it. When you fire your gun the energy is released through the muzzle, but the energy is also transferred through the stock into the pad and then, unfortunately, directly into your shoulder. It takes less than one second for this to happen, but fortunately our solid Sorbothane-based recoil pads quickly release this energy in all directions, dissipating the vibration so there is not only less “felt” recoil, but minimal rebound as well.

A Comparison Recoil Pad Test

A comparison test you can try at home to test the difference between a KICK-EEZ Recoil Pad and your current pad of equal thickness is to set both pads on a solid surface and drop a weight (i.e. hammer, lead ball, etc.) from about 12” above the pads. Watch how high the hammer or lead ball bounces off both pads. You will witness for yourself that our Sorbothane -based recoil pads eliminate almost all of the bounce, or rebound, compared to the non-Sorbothane-based recoil pad. What this all means to you, the shooter, is that you can enjoy your shooting experience without the bruises and “zebra marks" that are the result of recoil pads that don’t properly absorb shock. Remember, every KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad is made of solid Sorbothane. They never contain steel plates, or hollow spots, so they can be sanded as needed - even by beginners. We offer one-on-one Technical Support, and pride ourselves in offering personal, responsive support to answer each and every question you have so that all your shooting experiences can be as enjoyable as possible!