Most Asked Recoil Pad Question for December, 2016
Several times each week, customers inquire as to which KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad they should purchase for their Benelli gun stock. As we answer these questions from customers who wish to purchase our Sorbothane®-based rifle and shotgun recoil pads, it is our goal to publish these questions and answers to help other KICK-EEZ shoppers doing the same. The most frequently asked question from the month of December was: which KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad should I purchase for my Benelli stock?
Question: Which KICK-EEZ Recoil Pad should I purchsae for my Benelli stock? Answer: KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Recoil Pad, item #KZ-111, was designed to fit many of the Benelli stocks with little or no pad sanding required, including screw holes manufactured to match the 3 11/16" spacing of the Benelli stock.

Benelli Facts

Benelli often uses a 3 11/16” hole separation, center-to-center for their stocks. However, the industry standard for most stocks is 3 1/8” apart. Given this information, customers want to know what their options are for replacing the existing recoil pad on their Benelli with a KICK-EEZ recoil pad. The KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Recoil Pad, Item #KZ-111, was designed to fit many of the Benelli stocks with little or no sanding of the pad required, and the screw holes in the pad are manufactured to match the 3 11/16” spacing of the Benelli stock.

Double-Check the Fit

If a customer is considering adding a KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Recoil Pad to fit their Benelli stock, it is extremely important they compare their existing pad with the template for our Pre-Fit Pad, Item #KZ-111, to ensure that the new recoil pad will match both the screw hole location and the size of their Benelli stock. Note: If the Benelli stock is synthetic, it is very important to choose a KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Recoil Pad that has screw holes that match the screw hole stud mounts. If the Benelli stock is made of wood, KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Pad #KZ-111 is still a great choice, but again it is very important to check the template to ensure it will fit correctly. Another possibility would be to select one of our Large-sized, Grind-To-Fit (GTF) recoil pads in a style and thickness that works best for your application. Since the screw hole separation in every KICK-EEZ GTF pad is 3 1/8”, it will be necessary to create one, or possibly two new screw holes in the stock. If this is the chosen direction, customers can plug the old stock screw holes and then creates new screw holes where needed. If you would appreciate a more detailed explanation on how to create new screw holes in your Benelli wood stock, or if you need further information of any kind, please call us Toll Free at (877) 542-5339 or email us at: