Each month we enjoy helping countless customers answer questions to help them research and purchase the perfect recoil pad for their rifle or shotgun. This past January, the most frequently asked question was: how can I reduce the Length-Of-Pull on my Youth Shooter’s gun?
Question: how can I reduce the Length-Of-Pull on my Youth Shooter's gun? Answer: you can always cut the stock, but this is only a temporary fix. Consider purchasing a thinner recoil pad.

Youth Gun Sizing - Don't Cut That Stock

Most guns are created to fit the average adult male. As a result, this creates a real problem for youth shooters (or anyone who is smaller in stature than the average male). We receive several phone calls every week asking how to reduce the Length-of-Pull (LOP) in a gun that their son or daughter is using as quickly, and in most cases, as inexpensively as possible. When tasked with this challenge, cutting the gun stock is one option that reduces the LOP. However, we caution you to think twice about cutting your gun stock as this is only a temporary fix for the youth shooter who the gun stock is reduced for. When he or she grows, the stock then becomes too short.

Thinner Recoil Pads Reduce LOP

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to handle the Length-Of-Pull issue for your youth shooter is to purchase a thinner recoil pad and install it on the gun. Many guns come from the manufacturer with a 1” pad, so by merely purchasing a thinner KICK-EEZ Grind-To-Fit Pad in one of the available thicknesses of 1/2”, 3/4” or 15/16”, you can easily change LOP needs without cutting any gun stocks. As your youth shooter grows and their LOP needs change, you can eventually choose to purchase a thicker pad, or add a spacer to the current pad to achieve their increased Length-Of-Pull.

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