Most Asked:  Which Pre-Fit Pad Fits My Gun?
The original intent for KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pads was for customer’s to be able to find a pad to properly fit their gun quickly and easily. At inception, the idea was GREAT. However, we quickly realized that since stock manufacturers are constantly making changes to their existing stocks as well as creating new ones, our charts and recommendations were outdated as quickly as they were updated. Thus, the only accurate way to locate the correct Pre-Fit Pad for a specific stock is to check our Pre-Fit Templates. This can be accomplished in two different ways: printing the templates from our website, or by calling our office and requesting a hard copy of our Templates be mailed to you. Once you have the templates, with your original pad removed, measure the length and width of your stock butt face. Using these two measurements, choose two or three templates that are close to your measurements. Stand your gun or your current pad on the templates you have selected (the accuracy is ON the template line, not on the inside of the template line). For additional help, check out this excellent instructional video from Dave: Note: If you locate a template that is close but perhaps the new pad would be a little too long or a little too wide, remember that KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pads can be ground the very same way as our regular Grind-To-Fit Pads. The last thing to check is screw hole location of the new pad; this is especially critical for synthetic stocks. If you ever need assistance selecting the correct Pre-Fit Pad, don’t hesitate to contact our office!