Most Asked:  Why Does KICK-EEZ® Offer So Many Styles of Recoil Pads?
KICK-EEZ® offers several different styles of recoil pads in an effort to meet the needs of all shooters and all shooting applications.

Considerations When Selecting Recoil Pads

Personal preference, gun fit, and what the shooter is using the gun for are just a few of the reasons we offer so many styles of recoil pads. If a shooter is primarily considering recoil reduction, the thickness of the pad will be more important than the style of the recoil pad they choose. In the recoil reduction business, “more is always better.” As long as a recoil pad is the same thickness, it will absorb the same amount of recoil. A thicker recoil pad will always absorb more recoil than a thin recoil pad will; the actual style of the pad has no bearing on this. However, because Length of Pull (LOP) is always a consideration when choosing a recoil pad, it isn’t always possible to use the thickest pad.

Our Most Popular Recoil Pads

The following are the most popular styles of recoil pads that KICK-EEZ® sells:
  1. All Purpose: This pad is flat across the entire face and was designed to be used in all shooting applications.
  2. Sporting Clay: This pad has an approximately 45 degree canted heel to allow for easier shouldering from the “low gun” position. This pad was designed especially for our Sporting Clay shooters.
  3. Rocker: This pad has a tapered toe and face design that helps you mount your gun more consistently to the same pocket area and the design of the pad doesn’t “dig” into your shoulder. A GREAT choice for all our women shooters!
  4. Trap: This pad has a concave face and was designed especially for “Fixed Position” Trapshooting.
  5. Modified Trap: This pad has a revolutionary design that is slightly concave that helps gives 100% contact with your shoulder, eliminating pressure points and helping you to shoulder the gun in the same position every time. This pad is designed especially for those shooters who like to shoot from the high shoulder position.

Pad Thickness

All of KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads come in four thicknesses (1/2”, 3/4”, 15/16” and 1 1/8”) in order to fit the LOP and recoil reduction needs of all our shooters. Note: KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads contain no steel plates or hollow spots, so you can sand as little or as much as necessary and never need to worry about ruining your pad. If you have questions concerning the different styles of recoil pads that KICK-EEZ® sells or need assistance in choosing the correct recoil pad for your shooting needs, please call our Toll Free Telephone Number: (877) 542-5339