The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) congratulates City Councilman Jean Stothert for winning the highly contested Omaha mayoral race on Tuesday. This election represents a great victory for the Second Amendment. NRA-PVF endorsed Jean Stothert defeated incumbent Mayor Jim Suttle, earning 57% of the popular vote compared to Suttle’s 42%. As a proud member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), Suttle has been leading the charge to violate your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. MAIG is founded and funded by billionaire anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In addition, Suttle ran reelection campaign ads calling for restrictions on your gun rights. By contrast, Jean Stothert has pledged to defend and protect your firearms freedom in Omaha. We are proud that a strong supporter of the Second Amendment will officially become Omaha's 51st mayor on June 10. Thank you to all NRA members and Second Amendment supporters who went to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a candidate who will stand up for the rights of responsible gun owners and sportsmen in Omaha. The defeat of anti-gun incumbent Mayor Suttle could not have been possible without your efforts.