Senate Bill 221 passed in the state Senate yesterday by a party line 11-10 vote. The provisions in SB 221 are dangerous and can only be enforced with firearm registration. SB 221 will now be sent to the state Assembly where it can be considered soon. Contact your state Assemblyman TODAY and urge him or her to OPPOSE and VOTE AGAINST SB 221. An amendment to SB 221 adopted in the Senate Finance Committee requires that all private party transfers be conducted through a gun dealer, absent an exemption. The gun dealer would conduct the firearms transfer as if he were selling normal inventory, except the dealer will make the background check inquiry directly through NICS -- as compared to making it through the state Department of Public Safety -- and can charge a fee (tax) of $30 for the background check. Even those persons who have a concealed firearms permit who are not subject to the background check requirement would still be required to conduct the transfer and pay the fee (tax) through a licensed dealer! SB 221 carries severe penalties for violations that could result in a loss of Second Amendment rights. An individual who fails to comply with the new background check transfer requirements would be guilty of a gross misdemeanor and prohibited from possessing a firearm for a period of two years. The second offense would be a felony, resulting in loss of Second Amendment rights. Contact your state Assemblyman TODAY and urge his or her opposition to Senate Bill 221.