KICK-EEZ Products Other Than Recoil Pads

Products We Sell That Aren’t Recoil Pads


I have been working at KICK-EEZ for about 6 months now, and I have a high opinion of all of our products. I like the products enough that I am actually the one who proposed writing this blog to my boss (the owner of KICK-EEZ) and he was fine with the idea. Even though our pads are great, they aren’t the only good thing I think highly of here. So here is a list of things I think are good enough to write about and recommend.


1. Palm Swells

Our palm swells are made out of the same Sorbothane that our pads are made of, and they serve our customers well. We sell palm swells for both our right-handed and left-handed shooters. They come with these adhesive pads that work incredibly well at keeping the swell on. 


2. Cheek-EEZ

These pads go by the name “Cheek-EEZ” to fit the companies naming convention, but they are just thin pads of Urethane Foam that keep your gun from pounding into your cheek, and can raise your line of sight. I don’t personally use these, however, I have talked to a couple shooters who have told me that these cheek pads make all the difference in the world. They come with an incredible adhesive just like the palm swells, so you don’t have to worry about these pads coming off over time. So, if you get tired of your gun sucker-punching you in the face every time you pull the trigger, you should look into getting one of these.


3. Shoulder-EEZ

Why am I referring to a shoulder pad after saying I wouldn't? It’s because these pads are just a 6”x12”x1/4” rectangle of Sorbothane. These are sold to be cut and put into your shoulder vest, but this material can be used for so many different things, Limiting their use to only recoil absorption is a bit of wasted potential. You should really try this out if you’re looking for anything that related to recoil/vibration absorption. If you need to replace the padding on the bottom of a fragile decoration, or cut out a custom shaped cheek pads, these work great. The sky is the limit for how these are used. (Here is a secret, they are working on a nicer all in one solution!!) 


4. Merchandise

I know it’s a bit self-serving to talk about company merchandise here, but if I was an employee who didn’t like our merchandise, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. My boss is constantly trying different types of hats, shirts, koozies, and coasters for the ones he likes the most and wants to sell. For example, we tried on dozens of hat types to find the one that was most comfortable so we would be happy to sell it. So the products they wind up going with are actually quite nice. So I encourage you to grab something and try it for a while. I personally wear a KICK-EEZ hat all the time because it’s really a good hat. Here are a list of KICK-EEZ merchandise:

  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Koozies
  • Coasters


5. TekMats

The company has started selling these since I’ve started working here, and I think these are very cool. This mat is 12”x36” and it is really nice to have anywhere you’re taking something apart. These mats include a diagram of a broken down Remington 870 with all of the different parts labeled. Overall, I think it’s just a really nice looking mat.


Hopefully you try one of these products out!