We are pleased to announce our KICK-EEZ® Shooter of the Month for March, 2015 - Patrick Coile. Patrick has been rated by some as the top 14-year old sporting shooter in the country, and recently has focused primarily on the FITASC discipline, while also performing quite well in Sporting Clays events.
patrick-coile-kick-eez-shooter-of-the-month Patrick Coile standing outside of the National Shooting Complex during the NSCA National Championship in October, 2014
With a reputation as a top-level coach throughout the competitive shooting sports world, Tony Monzingo, Champs Camp Director and NSCA Level III Instructor recently offered high praise for his star pupil:
"If young Sporting Clays shooters were as hotly pursued and recruited for collegiate teams as are football and basketball players, Patrick Coile would be a 5-star prospect. Patrick is already a veteran competitor at the age of 14, and is likely destined for Team USA membership before he enters college. He has shown qualities that mark the top competitors. He has physical talent, is an apt pupil, and has displayed the commitment necessary to improve his skill through hard work. As he and his mental game matures, he will take his place among the most accomplished young shooters in the game. It is a privilege to know and work with Patrick."
We are proud to say KICK-EEZ® American-made, Sorbothane®-based recoil pads have been there every step of the way. Patrick started shooting at age 11 using a Yildiz 12 ga O/U with a KICK-EEZ® pad installed with additional weight added to help tame the recoil on the heavy-kicking field gun. When we were able to get a hold of him in February, Patrick was quick to talk about his affection for KICK-EEZ® recoil pads, mainly attributed to the unique shock absorbing qualities only the Sorbothane® viscoelastic urethane polymer provides:
"I love using KICK-EEZ® pads because they are the softest pad on the market, so it allows me to shoot a whole flat in a morning practice without feeling it in my shoulder days later. I know I can shoot what I need during competition and not worry about it. The pad looks cool on my gun too."
According to Partick's father, Rob Coile, 2015 has gotten off to a great start for the impressive young shooter. Rob recently reports,
"Patrick did very well in his first tournament of the year - The Florida Challenge. He finished 3rd place in AA class in the FITASC event. In the Sporting Clays Main event, he was the Sub Junior Champion, and also tied for first place in AA class prompting a shoot off. He didn't win the shoot off, so he was runner-up in the Main event for AA. A great start to this year for him! I continue to be amazed every time he takes another step in the rankings, and yet still has success. It must've been the new Patriot Pad which he used all weekend. Thanks again for all your support."
Patrick showing off his newly installed Patriot Pad, with gunsmith Mike Sherman Patrick showing off his newly installed Patriot Pad in March 2015, with gunsmith Mike Sherman of PMS Enterprises in Salisbury, NC.
We thank Patrick for being a loyal KICK-EEZ® customer, and wish him the very best in his competitive shooting activities. At the time of this article, Patrick Coile is scheduled to shoot at the following events in 2015:
  • March, 2015 Seminole Cup, Florida
  • March, Palmetto Cup, South Carolina
  • April, World English Sporting Clays Championship, Florida
  • June, GA State/North American FITASC Championship
  • June, 2015 US Open, Illinois
  • July, US Gran Prix FITASC, Minnesota
  • July, World FITASC Championships, Minnesota
  • August, Southeast Regional Sporting Clays Championship, Georgia
  • October, South Central Regional Sporting Clays Championship, Texas
  • October, NSCA National Championships, Texas
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