Pre-Fit vs. Grind-to-Fit (Q&A)

We get a lot of questions concerning the difference between our grind-to-fit pads and our pre-fit pads. In order to clear these questions up, we will be answering the most commonly asked questions here.


“Can I grind down a Pre-Fit pad?”


Yes, you can. All of our pads are made entirely out of Sorbothane which means that they can be ground down as much as you’d like.


“Between Pre-Fits and Grind-to-Fits, which would you recommend?


There are pros and cons to both. The pre-fit pads require much less work to install, however, you will be getting less material to shape or cut if you decide to fit the pad precisely. Not only that, there are always minor differences between stocks that gun companies release from year to year, so if you want a truly precise fitting pad, the grind-to-fits are recommended. The grind-to-fits also have more options in terms of pad shape, thickness, and color.


“I know which pre-fit pad I need, but which grind to fit would require the least grinding to install?”


For this question, We’ve made a chart. This chart tells you the grind-to-fit pad that is closest to each respective pre-fit pad. 




Note: N01=Large, N02=Medium, N04=Junior

Note: The N04 refers to the 304 series pads which only come in the 15/16” thickness.

Note: The KZ-113 is the only pre-fit pad larger than the medium size pads. The others that are under N01 come too close to recommend a medium size pad.


“I want a particular length of pull on my gun, but none of the pads are the right thickness. What should I do?”


We sell grindable spacers in 1/2”, 1/4”, and 1/8” thicknesses. So there will always be a spacer combination to fit your needs. 


These are questions that we have recently gotten through email and we hope that it helps you. If there is a question you are wanting answered, feel free to email us at