Storing Your Guns – Gravity Always Wins!
When storing your gun, always be sure to take proper precaution to ensure it remains accurate and reliable. These procedures also ensuring the longevity of any gun accessories you may have added over time, and even prevent things like a warped stock.

Bore Solvents

Try to remove ALL the bore solvents or other caustic/corrosive cleansers when you clean your gun, especially if you plan to store it with the butt side down. Failure to remove all the solvents from your barrel could lead to a gravitational problem and as a result your stock could warp, or your recoil pad might even deteriorate over a period of time. If you notice a blistering, or bubbling on your recoil pad, or if it feels sticky (almost like it’s melting), it is most likely you are a victim of solvents penetrating your pad.

Barrel Side Down

We receive several calls each year from customers who falsely believe they received an ‘inferior recoil pad’, because their recoil pad has developed one or more of the issues we’ve described. After explaining the likely cause for their problem, and helping to educate them to the importance of ensuring all the cleaning solvents are removed from their gun when cleaning, the issue is almost always resolved. Because gravity always wins, whenever possible, we further suggest to our customers that they store their gun with the barrel side down—instead of up. Taking these steps to clean and store your gun properly will help to ensure that you won’t become a victim of the “Gravity Always Wins Rule.” We hope this may have helped at least a few of our great customers. As always, if you have any additional questions, please give us a call!