Tucker Simpson, Woodland WA
As you may know, we at KICK-EEZ we are committed to helping promote scholastic youth shooting sports. One of our featured shooters, Tucker Simpson, was a proud member of our local Woodland Trap Team - a high school clay target team located in Woodland, WA. Tucker has continued to keep in touch with us during an eventful summer season of competitive shooting, and we couldn't be more proud of his efforts - and results! Here's what Tucker had to say:

Tucker Sets a Personal Record at 2017 National Championship in Colorado Springs

I am pleased to announce my results at the 2017 National Championships in CO Springs. Colorado was very hot and dry. The sun beat down on you at 6000 ft above sea level, which drains you of all available energy. The targets were fair and quick, which made for a great competition. This match is scheduled over a 5 day period. There is one day of official training followed by four days of registered targets. I competed very well and took first in my division with a score of 228/250 International registered targets. I truly did my absolute best, and it has payed off with these results - I set a new personal record at this competition! Taking first in my division is very important because it shows that I have excelled against the very best athletes in this class. However, I still feel I am set to make the National shooting team, and I am closing the gap. As I said above, I scored a 228. To make the finals with the very best athletes I would have needed to score a 235. I am in no way disappointed with how I performed, but more thankful for the opportunity to compete in such a challenging event. I can’t thank the KICK-EEZ family enough for sponsoring me for this, and hopefully future events as well. Their world-class recoil pads help me stay on target all day long during these draining events!

Learning From the Challenges of the Adolf Hougen Memorial

I am also pleased to announce the results of the Adolf Hougen Memorial match this past weekend. This local match was very humbling and difficult to compete in. It takes place at the Renton Fish and Game Club in Renton, WA. Only about 20 competitors compete in this event, but don't let the amount of athletes fool you. Every athlete is a great shot. This event was a duration of two days, 100 targets each day. The first day I left the range with the walk of shame. I was in 7th place with quite a lot of space to catch up. Day 1 had a lot of variables that made it tough. The smoke from the Canadian wild fires dimmed the light which made the clay targets glow like orange basketballs. Still, I didn't let these conditions jeopardize my entire weekend. I took these factors into account and made the adjustments necessary to overcome the extra obstacles. To begin day 2, I approached each round with a clear mind. I focused on the processes it takes to execute each target with the weather conditions in consideration. After another 100 targets, I found myself in third place and shooting in the final match. The new ISSF format includes the top 6 shooters and 50 targets. It's all process of elimination. The final shoot is divided into factors of the 50 targets. To start out, all 6 shooters shoot a round of 25 targets. After this is completed, the athlete with the most misses is eliminated from the final. Then you continue this process in groups of five targets at a time until you reach a winner. I kept my head on straight and quickly put myself in the 1st place slot in the beginning of the final and held the spot for the rest of the final match. It feels great to take a gold home from a local match and this will be my second consecutive gold collected at the Adolf Hougen Memorial. I again cannot thank the KICK-EEZ family enough for their support from here in Washington all the way to as far as this sport may take me.

Future Goals of a Successful Shooter

I have a goal to make the USA National Shooting team and I hope to capitalize on the next opportunity to do so, which happens to be in October this year in Tillar, Arkansas at the 2017 Fall Selection match. I am excited to update you all on the upcoming training and of course the match itself. Thank you so much again and I hope to make you all proud. Sincerely, Tucker Cole Simpson Olympic Hopeful, Competitive Shooting