Top 10 Pocket Knives

Best/Top 10 Pocket Knives to Look Into This Year

By: Seth Spears

When I started at Kick-EEZ, there was no time at all before me and my new coworkers were talking about pocket knives. One thing that seems to come up here often is which pocket knives we think give the best bang for your buck. After coming up with a list of knives we all agree are great in this way, I figured that you would like to hear our thoughts too. Here is a list of the Top 10 pocket knives we recommended. Be sure to tell us what your favorite knife is in the comments below!

Cold Steel AK-47


  • Blade Length - 3.5”
  • Overall Length - 9”
  • Weight - 5.3oz

This was a personal pick from me. I really like the wave feature and the triad lock that cold steel knives come with. The wave feature allows you to open the knife with one hand by sliding it against your pants pocket, so it is incredibly handy (no pun intended). The triad lock is one of the toughest in the industry. This locking mechanism is the main reason I’m recommending this knife. I have personally carried a Rajah III with me for a couple years now, and I have grown to really love the knife. I have abused the knife six ways from Sunday, and it has held up great thanks to that locking mechanism. The reason I am recommending the AK-47 over the Rajah III is because I recognize that the kukri blade isn’t for everyone, and I do think that the AK-47 is a great product for the price.

CRKT M40-03


  • Blade Length - 3.46”
  • Overall Length - 8.01”
  • Weight - 4.20oz

This is the closest competitor to the AK-47 mentioned above in my opinion for two main reasons: The similar blade size, and the deadbolt lock. On a quick side note, CRKT makes it on this list a couple of times, and this is largely because they make so many unique knives! As for the M40-03, this knife is a bit smaller and lighter with the same amount of blade. It has the deadbolt lock which is just as strong if not stronger than Cold Steel’s triad lock (we haven’t compared them ourselves) and it’s got a flipper combined with a ball bearing system for smooth opening, so why would one pick the AK-47 over this? In my opinion, it will come down to how much you like the wave feature. While I love it a lot, I think most people would prefer the smoother mechanism and added features of the M40-03. I certainly can’t disagree too much, it’s a great knife.

SOG Flash


  • Blade Length - 3.45”
  • Overall Length -8.29”
  • Weight - 3.81oz

SOG is an incredibly well-known brand, and there is a reason for that. They have recently released a pocket knife that has really impressed us, and that knife is the Flash. This particular knife has a deeper set pocket clip that won’t let the knife pull out on accident, so that is nice. One primary feature of this knife is the XR lock which allows for a buttery smooth action, and it also locks in the closed position. So this knife pockets well, it has got a great mechanism, and lock, and it is very affordable. SOG has given us a great product. 

Spyderco Paramilitary 2


  • Blade Length - 3.42”
  • Overall Length - 8.24”
  • Weight - 3.9oz

As of lately, this has been my go-to knife for everyday carry. The next two knives on this list are among the most iconic pocket knives due to their overall quality, dependability, and brand recognition. The Paramilitary 2 is a great overall knife with a couple great features including the signature “spydie hole”, which despite its unflattering name, is my personal favorite opening mechanism next to the wave feature. Along with this, it’s also got a ball bearing mechanism that makes opening the knife buttery smooth. It has an awesome blade shape with that great S45VN stainless steel, and it’s got replaceable scales for it’s handle. Of the knives that I own, this is my favorite, for all of the reasons above, and more. An honorable mention is the Spyderco Para 3. This knife is a bit more pocketable with the same smooth action, spyder hole, and great steel. I’ll give you a link to that as well.

Benchmade 940 Osborne


  • Blade Length - 3.40”
  • Overall Length - 7.87”
  • Weight - 2.9oz

I mentioned above that this knife was among the most iconic pocket knives due to their quality, and I wasn't kidding. The Osborne has a couple things that it’s competitor, the Paramilitary 2, has along with some things missing. For starters, it has the axis locking mechanism, which I think is better than the liner lock on the Paramilitary 2 for two reasons: it allows for a smoother ball bearing mechanism, and it’s stronger. It has practically got the same length of blade with S30V stainless and is an entire ounce lighter. As with the last rivalry on this list, why would anyone go for the Paramilitary 2 when the Osborne has all these features? Well I like the “spydy hole” better, the blade shape better, and it’s also got the better S45VN stainless rather than S30V. If none of these three things are important to you, then the Osborne is certainly the preferable product. 

Kershaw Leek


  • Blade Length - 3”
  • Overall Length - 4”
  • Weight - 3oz

There are few knives that prioritize form over function quite as well as the Kershaw Leek. This knife is lightweight, slim, has a smooth action with a flipper, a nice blade shape, and is very pocketable. You quickly forget that this knife is in your pocket. I personally really like the finish on this knife too, it lends itself well to looking nice no matter how much abuse it’s been through. With all of these features, it is easy to see why this knife is really popular for everyday carry. This is a solid knife overall, and it all comes at a very affordable cost, especially compared to many other knives on this list. Given this information, it is really hard to leave this knife out of a price-to-product quality conversation on pocket knives.

Victorinox Tinker Deluxe


  • Closed Length - 3.6”
  • 9 Different Tools
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers

This placement won’t surprise most people. Swiss Army knives have always been a man’s best friend, and no company does a better job building these tools than Victorinox. While our personal favorite iteration of Victorinox swiss army knives was the mechanic that has been discontinued, this knife is certainly our second choice. This knife has 9 different tools that include 2 blades, 3 screw drivers, a leather punch, a pair of pliers, and a couple more. For how lightweight and pocketable these knives are, they are unbelievably handy, and we feel that this knife is the best example of this at the moment. I have seen these knives abused in unbelievable ways without breaking or failing. Once, I saw someone cut a windshield out of a car with this knife. The adhesive wasn’t giving the knife a break, but it cut through that stuff. After seeing that, I was hooked on these knives.

Ontario Rat


  • Blade Length - 3.5”
  • Overall Length - 8.5”
  • Weight - 4.8oz

The Rat’s quality to price ratio on this knife is absolutely amazing! This knife is a popular Everyday Carry option for people wanting a dependable product that won’t break the bank. The quality of steel that the Rat has is on par with most of the brands above at a fraction of the price. This is just a solid all around product.

Kizer M-Sheath


  • Blade Length - 3.”
  • Overall Length - 7”
  • Weight - 2.34oz

These last two knives are a real treat. The Kiser M-Sheath is competitively priced with the likes of the Cold Steel AK-47 and the CRKT M40-03 up top. It doesn’t have the crazy locks that those knives have, nor is the fit and finish quite as smooth. But the blade is made of pure S-35V, just like in the Spyderco and the Benchmade knives. This knife also has a nice reverse tanto style of blade that won’t be chipping or cracking easily at all. Due to the price and materials, this knife is one of the first knives I would recommend to people looking to get themselves an all-purpose knife that will gladly take some abuse.

Civivi Elementum


  • Blade Length - 3.47”
  • Overall Length - 8.5”
  • Weight - 3.19oz

Finally, the Civivi Elementum. This knife is priced very competitively with other knives on this list, but has the same great quality. Given the fact that it’s the last knife on this list, we wanted to give you options as to what your money is going to. This knife comes in multiple steel types including D2, damascus, and 14C28N. This knife is very pocketable, light, durable, and the pricing starts at just $45 dollars. This knife is truly the epitome of “You just can’t beat that''. This knife is easily replaceable thanks to the price, but it won’t need to be replaced too often because of the blade shape and material combinations. This knife deserves a spot in every conversation talking about knife quality to price, and that is why we so highly recommend it!



So what did you think of the list? There is so much to talk about when it comes to pocket knives that we are very likely to be doing a part 2 to this blog with another top 10. If you have any knives that you really like, be sure to comment them down below!  On a final note to wrap up on, I’ll link some nano-oil for lubricating the action on your knife. This is generally preferable to many of the oils that are commonly used, so we hope you try it out!