Tucker Simpson 2019 USAS Shotgun Spring Selection Trials Recap
 Tucker Simpson at the 2018 Spring Selection
We’re pleased to post another journal entry from our KICK-EEZ® Featured Shooter Tucker Simpson, an avid supporter of KICK-EEZ recoil pads for shotguns and rifles. Tucker keeps in touch with us throughout each competitive shooting season to share his achievements and offer pointers gained from his first-hand experience on what it takes to become a highly accurate and skilled competitive shooter.

The 2019 USAS Spring Selection

During early March of 2019, USA Shooting holds a match in Tucson, AZ known as the annual USAS Shotgun Spring Selection Trials. These selection matches dictate which athletes compete at the various international matches throughout the rest of the year. You can find a complete list of USA Shooting 2019 Shooting Events, here.

The Journey Begins

I decided to drive this year, starting my journey in the car driving from Woodland, WA to Tucson, AZ. This allowed me to bring an extra competition shotgun as well as practice ammunition. On day two of my drive, I decided to stop in Phoenix, AZ to shoot at the Ben Avery Shooting Range. After a solid round of 23/25 targets, I packed my gun and finished my drive to Tucson. I arrived in Tucson three days before the event to give myself some time to adjust to the desert climate. With three solid days of training, I was ready to start day one of the 2019 USAS Shotgun Spring Selecction Trials.

Day One of Competition

Day one was a pretty solid day, overall. The lighting was very different than the previous days, but was consistent throughout the day. With some time needed to adjust, I started the day with only an 18/25, followed by a 19/25. However, half-way through the second round of shooting I discovered which adjustments I needed to make visually to be more successful. This sport tests you in several ways. Mental focus and consistency are major keys to the game. However, the real test is knowing yourself and being able to make the proper adjustments during competition that will allow you to succeed. After making my adjustments I ended the third round with a much improved score of 24/25. Just one small adjustment, which can seem so simple, can be a make-or-break move when shooting high speed targets.

Finding Consistency in Trap Shooting

Over the next three days, I had seven more rounds of international trap to compete in. These rounds were all very similar in score. I seemed to float around the 21, and 22 score range out of 25 total, which are very encouraging scores to me. Even though I'm striving for those 24 and 25/25 scores, these frequent scores of 21 and 22/25 show consistency which is something that I haven’t been known for often enough with my scores. I ended the match with a 209/250 overall which failed to qualify for the final rounds. In order to make a final, I needed to be in the 225 to 250 range. This seems like a lot, but my average is a 20.9 targets per round making a 22.5 target per round average a very achievable goal. A 20.9 average is an acceptable way to kick-off the 2019 season. My next event is the national championships in Colorado Springs, CO In June. To visit scores and more info, please visit USAShooting.org. I can’t thank the KICK-EEZ family enough for the support they have provided me the last few years. KICK-EEZ recoil pads are hands-down the best on the market when it comes to recoil reduction pads for shotguns and rifles. I have been competing with my KICK-EEZ Patriot Pad for two years now and it hardly shows any wear. Thanks again for the support! -Tucker Simpson