Tucker Simpson Update 2017 Fall Selection
KICK-EEZ Featured Shooter Tucker Simpson, a member of our local Woodland High School Trap Team before graduating and continuing his progression into competitive shooting, is back with another update after putting in a strong performance and learning a lot while battling the elements to finsih strong at the 2017 Fall Selection match in Tillar, Arkansas. Here’s what Tucker had to say about his efforts:

Tucker Delivers 50/50 Straight at the 2017 Fall Selection

The 2017 Fall Selection match in Tillar, Arkansas was definitely marked in the books as a success. During this particular match I encountered several obstacles that affected my performance in a few different ways. One obstacle I faced was the humidity in Arkansas. This definitely changed the game for the shooters like myself that aren’t used to it. Most of us stayed inside in the air conditioning during intermission. However, it rained on day two, which I felt gave me an advantage since I train in the Pacific Northwest. My scores were higher than most shooters on day two. Another obstacle I was faced with was the wind. Day 3 offered a full course of wind which really blew my barrels around. My scores were negatively affected by these conditions. The biggest obstacle I encountered was my own brain. This isn’t the first time either. The reason I bring up this obstacle is because it’s been quite the concept the past few matches. I have reached out to a couple coaches at this match on mental training topics, and i’m sure glad I did. After putting some of their good coaching to use, I received almost immediate results including a 50/50 straight on day 4. I was the only athlete to run a 50 straight that day. This is evidence to myself that what I am striving for is achievable, which rolls right into my mental training. I might not have made it on the podium this trip but I have acquired the tools to make it happen in the future. I would like to thank the KICK-EEZ family for their support in helping me achieve my goals. I most definitely couldn’t run a 50 straight on the last day if I had a sore shoulder!! Click to view my 50 straight when it went streamed LIVE on facebook :) Thanks for reading, Tucker Simpson