Thanks to grassroots activism and diligent hard work on the ground, Sunday hunting on private property will now be legal in five additional West Virginia counties: Braxton, Calhoun, Nicholas, Webster and Wirt. Voters from these counties turned out in the primary election yesterday adopting this ballot measure with only Lewis County and Gilmer County rejecting it. Unofficial vote totals indicated only 30 votes made the difference in Gilmer County. With 14 counties already permitting hunting on Sundays, the addition of these five counties is welcome and long overdue for hunters in West Virginia. Sportsmen can now take to the field in 19 of 55 counties thanks to the passage of these NRA-supported ballot measures. Your NRA thanks the tireless efforts of Corey Boothe, who spearheaded these ballot initiatives and was a key factor in their passage. With the recent success on lifting the Sunday hunting ban in neighboring Virginia led by your NRA, coupled with the positive outcome at the polls here in the Mountain State, NRA is looking forward to taking this issue in a future legislative session in Charleston in an attempt to completely lift the outdated ban on Sunday hunting. Please stay tuned to your e-mail inbox and for further updates.