A bill to ensure permit holder confidentiality is currently awaiting consideration in the state House Judiciary Committee and will not move further unless it is scheduled for a hearing and passed in committee before the Friday, February 21 deadline. House Bill 4310, sponsored by Delegate Rupie Phillips (D-24), would ensure the confidentiality of personal information of all current and renewing applicants for deadly weapons permits. Additionally, it would make the personal information of those persons who have earned a concealed deadly weapons permit private to everyone other than law enforcement agencies. This legislation is essential for the protection of law-abiding gun owners in the Mountain State. Recently, there have been several instances of anti-gun media outlets publishing the names and addresses of concealed carry permit holders which jeopardizes the safety and violates the privacy of law-abiding citizens. Such publications place lawful permit holders at risk to criminals who may target their home to steal firearms. HB 4310 would ensure that this never happens in West Virginia. An individual exercising his or her Second Amendment rights should not be put at risk of being a victim of gun theft by the public exposure of their private information, and enactment of this permit confidentiality legislation will prevent such abuse. The privacy of carry permit holders in 43 states is now protected by laws similar to HB 4310. Members of the House Judiciary Committee MUST hear from you TODAY. Urge them to schedule a hearing and vote on HB 4310 by Friday. This bill needs to be passed in committee before this Friday if it is to move forward in the legislative process. Let’s not let the Charleston media’s historic lack of support for gun owner’s rights derail this important legislation and pressure committee members into submission. Using the information provided below, contact Judiciary Committee Chairman Tim Manchin (D-50) and all members of the state House Judiciary Committee and encourage them to schedule and pass this important confidentiality legislation. Don't forget to forward this alert to your family, friends and fellow gun owners throughout West Virginia and urge them to do the same.
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