What is the Difference Between KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action vs. Standard Recoil Pads?
KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Recoil Pads (recoil absorbing pads) combine two layers of our proprietary Sorbothane®-based viscoelastic vibration dampening material.

Layered Construction

favicon-kickeez3The first ultra-soft Sorbothane® layer is made of 55-60 durometers of Sorbothane®, specifically engineered to react quickly for increased shooting accuracy. The second layer of Sorbothane® comprising the construction of our Dual-Action Pads is made of 70 durometers of Sorbothane®. This layer dissipates energy and completes maximum recoil absorption.

Maximum Performance

favicon-kickeez3In terms of recoil reduction, the combination of two different durometers of Sorbothane® allows shock waves to pass through two different viscosity membranes. Shock is reduced even more than when using any KICK-EEZ® standard recoil pads. In fact, independent testing showed that shock was reduced an additional 4-6% when using KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Pads.


KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Recoil Pads Competitive shooters, hunters, and people who are recoil-sensitive will definitely benefit by choosing to purchase a KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Recoil Pad compared to one of our standard recoil pads. The followingKICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Recoil Pads are available:
Two styles: All Purpose and Sporting Clay Two thicknesses: 15/16” (DA layer is 3/16”) and 1 1/8” (DA layer is 1/4”).


If you have questions concerning the difference between KICK-EEZ® Dual-Action Pads and our Standard Recoil Pads, or need help selecting the correct pad, please call our Toll Free Telephone Number: (877) 542-5339, or email us.