There are many variables in every gun stock manufactured, whether it is wood or synthetic. Due to age, temperature and humidity and fluctuations over a period of time, or possibly your gun has been modified, it is necessary to compare your stock with the individual templates for KICK-EEZ Pre-Fit Pads. We have 10 different Pre-Fit Pads in stock and they have a variety of screw hole placements; screw hole location is critical with synthetic stocks. Compare your current pad with the templates for our Pre-Fit Pads by removing your old pad, standing your gun on the template and then doing the same with your old pad to check for screw hole location. The accuracy of the pad is on the template line, not inside the line.


Many stock manufacturers modify their stock dimensions yearly, making it extremely challenging for us to keep one particular model available for one specific manufacturer. In response, we have created 19 templates to assist you in matching your gun stock butt to the correct KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pad. To ensure a proper fit, be sure to check the templates for ALL stocks and models of stocks!

Many 6-Position Stocks; must have 1/4" step-down for Pad to Snap-On. Synthetic AR-15
BAIKAL® (Check Templates!)
Some Models Wood KZ-113
Some Models Wood KZ-111
Some Models Wood KZ-106
BENELLI® (Check Templates!)
Super Black Eagle (12 ga. Non-tactical) Wood/Synth KZ-111
R1 Big Game Rifle Synth KZ-111
Sport 12 ga., Sport II Synth KZ-111
M-1 Field 12 ga. Non-Tactical Wood/Synth KZ-111
M-1 Tactical 12 ga. Synth KZ-104
Montifeltro 12 ga. Wood KZ-111
Cordoba, Nova, SBE II, M2 & SuperSport 12 ga Synth KZ-111
SuperSport, M II, Cordoba 20 ga Wood/Synth KZ-111
Ultra Light Wood KZ-102
BERETTA® (Check Templates!)
All 5" Stocks Wood/Synth KZ-109
Extrema 2 with Kick Off Wood/Synth KZ-109
All 5-3/8" Stocks Wood/Synth KZ-113
BLACKHAWK® (Check Templates!)
SPEC OPS NRS, Axiom UL, Axiom TH Synth KZ-113
BROWNING® (Check Templates!)
A-Bolt Medallion ‘93 Wood KZ-109
BLR Model 81 Wood KZ-113
Bar Auto Wood KZ-108
Citori Wood KZ-108
Gold Auto Wood KZ-108
BROWNING® Continued (Check Templates!)
A-Bolt Wood/Micro KZ-107
A-Bolt New Short Mag Synth KZ-107
Stalker Composite Synth KZ-107
A-Bolt Synth KZ-106
Citori English Stock ‘81 Wood KZ-103
Fusion Wood KZ-108
BPS Youth & Ladies Wood KZ-106
BPS 10 ga Wood KZ-114
CVA® (Check Templates!)
Wolf Muzzleloader ‘96 Synth KZ-105
Eclipse Hunter ML Synth KZ-105
CZ® (Check Templates!)
O/U Ultra Lite Wood KZ-109
FRANCHI® (Check Templates!)
Verimax 912 12 ga Synth KZ-111
Auto Composite 12 ga. Synth KZ-111
Alcoine 12 ga. Wood KZ-108
SB2-988 Slug Hunter Wood/Lam KZ-106
Ultra Slug Hunter Wood KZ-110
ITHACA® (Check Templates!)
Model 37 (1970 & older) Wood KZ-104
Storm Wood KZ-112
Turkey Storm Synth KZ-112
KNIGHT® (Check Templates!)
TK 2000 12 ga. Synth KZ-107
50 Cal DISC Inline ML Synth KZ-107
MARLIN® (Check Templates!)
Model 444,450, 336, 512 Wood KZ-112
Model 308 MX Wood KZ-107
Model XS 7 Synth KZ-117
MOSSBERG® (Check Templates!)
Model 550 Youth Wood KZ-107
Model 500 AG Tur 12 ga. Wood KZ-112
Model 9200 & 9300 Wood KZ-112
Model 835 Synth KZ-103
Model 500 Synth KZ-103
Model 930 & 935
Most models
Synth KZ-103
REMINGTON® (Check Templates!)
Model 700 Synth KZ-117
Model 870 Wing Master & Police Wood KZ-112
Model 870 Youth Wood KZ-106
Model 1187 SP ‘92 Wood KZ-112
Model 700 ADL/BDL 4-15/16" FLAT STOCK Wood KZ-105
Model 700 ADL/BDL 4-7/8" flat stock Wood KZ-104
Model 700 ADL/BDL/ML, 710, 770, 7600, 1100 12 & 16 ga. Synth KZ-117
Model 7 Wood KZ-104
RUGER® (Check Templates!)
M77 Mk II Compact Laminate KZ-104
M77 Wood KZ-108
M77 Synth KZ-119
No. 1,Red Label 79/80, KRLEZ 1236 Wood KZ-108
Hawkeye Synth KZ-108
SAKO® (Check Templates!)
75 & Finlight Synth KZ-104
Model A7 Synth KZ-104
SAVAGE® (Check Templates!)
Mod 12/112 Synth KZ-116
Mod 14/114 Wood KZ-114
Mod 16/116 Synth KZ-118
Post 1996 Wood KZ-115
Most Models Wood KZ-110
Most Models Synth KZ-105
STEVENS® (Check Templates!)
Model 200 Most Models Synth KZ-105
STOEGER® (Check Templates!)
Most 12 ga. Models Synth KZ-111
Some Models Wood KZ-113
M2000 & P-350 Pump Synth KZ-108
Condor Wood KZ-110
Uplander 12 ga. SXS Stan Wood KZ-105
THOMPSON CENTER® (Check Templates!)
Black Diamond Wood KZ-102
Encore Wood KZ-102
Omega Muzzleloader Wood KZ-102
Black Diamond Synth KZ-101
Encore Synth KZ-101
Omega Muzzleloader Synth KZ-101
Thunder Hawk 50 cal. Wood KZ-112
TIKKA® (Check Templates!)
T3 Synth KZ-105
Most Models Synth KZ-104
VERONA® (Check Templates!)
20 ga. Wood KZ-105
WEATHERBY® (Check Templates!)
Vanguard Wood KZ-112
Black Stock Synth KZ-108
WINCHESTER® (Check Templates!)
Supreme Select Sport O/U Wood KZ-105
Model 1400 Wood KZ-105
Model 670 Wood KZ-105
Model 70 Featherweight Wood KZ-105
Model 70 Wood KZ-106
Model 70 Synth KZ-105
Model 94 Wood KZ-106
70 carbine 30.06 Wood KZ-112
Model 100 Wood KZ-112
Model X-1 Wood KZ-105
Model 88 Wood KZ-104
Model 1300 Synth KZ-114
Coyote Laminate KZ-103

Due to many manufacturers’ yearly modifications of their stock dimensions, KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad Charts are for reference only! Be sure to check the templates for ALL stocks & all models of stocks! NOTE: KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Recoil Pads can be ground the same as our Grind-To-Fit Recoil Pads




KZ-106 Template