Can I install a KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad on a stock with a curved butt face?

These instructions will work ONLY if the curve of your stock is less than 1/4 inch and preferably 1/8 inch.

Note: Follow these instructions at your own risk!

Place the pad in a plastic sandwich bag that you can seal the top completely closed. Place the pad that is sealed inside the bag into boiling water for 2-3 minutes. What this does is soften the base plate enough so that you can then bend the pad to fit the curvature of your gun butt. Sometimes people have placed a broom handle on their work bench and placed the pad over the broom handle. It will cool quickly and take on the new shape. Keep this in mind—if the curvature is extreme, this will shorten the pad and also perhaps it will change the location of the screw holes. Our KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane pads will NOT be altered as long as you don’t overdue the length of time in the boiling water (2-3 minutes).

As an alternative to boiling pads a heat gun may be used as long as the heat is not excessive. Using a good heat gun or small propane torch, heat the base between the screw holes. Using a torch, it will take 5-10 seconds to heat the base enough to bend the pad backwards over a hammer or broom handle. Hold in place for 3-4 minutes and it should keep the new curve. Do not worry if you put too much curve in the pad; the screws will pull the pad down to match the butt curve. Scribe your sanding line on the baseplate, remove the pad from your stock, and sand
as necessary.