Why should I choose a KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pad?

KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads are the ONLY Recoil Pads made of Sorbothane®, a visco-elastic polymer that has been medically and scientifically proven to be the FINEST cushioning material available today.

  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads reduce recoil by dispersing energy in ALL directions at once

    when you fire your gun—unlike other recoil pads that only disperse energy in two directions!

  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads will not distort or lose their effectiveness after being compressed thousands of times and they won’t bottom out like many other pads.
  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads contain no steel plates or hollow spots making them easy to grind to fit your gun.
  • Independent testing confirms that KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads reduce twice as much recoil as all the other recoil pads on the market!