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The KICK-EEZ Dual-Action recoil absorbing pad combines two layers of Sorbothane. The first ultra-soft layer Sorbothane layer reacts to absorb recoil fast for increased accuracy. The second Sorbothane layer dissipates energy and completes maximum recoil absorption. Installation is easy, the same as it is for all KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads as there are no hollow spots or metal plates to worry about. According to independent testing, the Dual-Action Pad absorbed more energy than any other recoil pad on the market.

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5 reviews for Dual Action Recoil Pad

  1. +Benny Burger

    As owner operator of B&G Stockworks, and having installed hundreds of recoil pads over the years, this is the most recoil absorbent pad I have ever installed! I recently installed one on a Remington 1100 being used for our local 4-H club trap shooting team, where recoil can be a real deterent due to the smaller size of the participants, with superb results. The felt recoil is virtually non-existent!!
    My wish now is that Dave and company would produce the DUAL ACTION in all styles currently available.
    Absolutely the best pad available, BAR NONE!!
    Thanks, Benny

  2. Shop Manager

    Thanks for sharing the positive comments about KICK-EEZ Dual-Action Pads! We will certainly consider your suggestion that we produce our Dual-Action Pad in all our styles of pads!
    Dave Poppe

  3. Robert Trobaugh

    I wish you would make a pink dual action 3\4″ pad for the ladies and young girls .

  4. Shop Manager

    Thanks for the suggestion, Robert. We will definitely consider your request.

    Most Sincerely,
    Cheryl Poppe
    KICK-EEZ General Manager
    1819 Schurman Way, #106
    Woodland, WA 98674
    (877) 542-5339
    KICK-EEZ on Facebook

  5. Shop Manager

    In answer to your question concerning KICK-EEZ Dual Action Pads: Our Dual-Action (and ALL KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads for that matter) are designed to be used on BOTH rifles and shotguns!!

  6. Bob OConnor (verified owner)

    Put 11/8 Thick Dual Action Pad on a pretty lightweight Tikka 300 Win Mag & made a big difference from the previous pad which was also aftermarket , well worth the $.

  7. Mark Polansky

    It be nice if there was a Patriot (red/white/blue) version.

  8. Shop Manager

    Thank you for your GREAT suggestion, Mark. We will definitely consider manufacturing our Patriot Pads in the Dual Action style.

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