KICK-EEZ® sells a wide selection of rifle recoil pads and shooting supplies made of Sorbothane®, which provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly. Less recoil reduces flinching, easing sore shoulders and cheeks and eliminates it in all shooting conditions. From shoulder to fingers, KICK-EEZ® has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help to adjust your “line of sight.”


KICK-EEZ® carries a wide selection of shotgun recoil pads designed to meet all your shooting needs. They are ideal for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters, and made of Sorbothane® which is scientifically proven to be the finest cushioning material available! Sorbothane® maintains stability and damping over a broad temperature range, enabling it to isolate damaging vibrations and impact shock in varied conditions. Its near faultless memory ensures a return to original shape, even after repeated compressions.


Our gun and shotgun accessories are of the highest quality. KICK-EEZ® sells three different types of spacers for your pads; two are made of plastic and one is made of aluminum. All of our spacers are designed to adjust your length of pull. Our plastic spacers are made from strong lightweight plastic polymer. Our shotgun accessories are easy to fit, grind, finish and they have superior machining and sanding characteristics for a GREAT look. They universal slotted holes making it easy to match almost any hole location.


Our synthetic spacer is fashioned to fill the void of synthetic stocks while at the same time providing a solid foundation for mounting.. We also carry a recoil treatment that allows shooters to retain all the benefits of KICK-EEZ® pads staying in position once they are mounted. Be sure to check all these gun accessories out on our online store.


Tradition and Innovation



KICK-EEZ has a rich history that dates back to 1985 when Willard Latimer, a veteran, an outdoors enthusiast, and entrepreneur, discovered the potential of Sorbothane while golfing. Recognizing its potential as a recoil pad material, Latimer and his family set out to create the best possible recoil pad for the market. As a result, the company has always been committed to providing the highest quality products to its customers, and this tradition continues today under new family ownership in Kentucky. By combining tradition and innovation, KICK-EEZ has maintained its commitment to quality while staying at the forefront of the industry.


The key to KICK-EEZ's success is their use of various proprietary materials including Sorbothane, which is widely recognized as the ultimate material for attenuating shock, isolating vibration, and damping impact. No other material can dissipate energy as effectively. Sorbothane is a viscoelastic polymeric solid that "flows" like a liquid under load, making it ideal for engineering design applications requiring shock attenuation and vibration isolation. KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads can be custom ground for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. They offer a range of Recoil Pads in various styles, including Pre-Fit, Grind To Fit, Slip Over, Multi-Layer, and even patriotic red, white, and blue pads. Sorbothane's unique properties allow it to absorb impact and recover fully for the next shot. It has been independently tested and found to be more effective at reducing recoil than any other material on the market. This solid construction, and fast rebound, allow for faster more consistent shots. 


KICK-EEZ continues to source all its products and raw materials in America, ensuring that their customers receive the best possible products while supporting American manufacturing. The company has many customers, including hunters, shooters, and military and law enforcement personnel. 


KICK-EEZ has a long tradition of delivering the best recoil pads to the market possible. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has not wavered since their founding. At the same time, KICK-EEZ has embraced innovation. By combining tradition and innovation, KICK-EEZ has been able to maintain its position as a leading manufacturer of recoil pads while staying true to their values. Their continued commitment to American manufacturing ensures their customers receive the best products while supporting American jobs.


Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy our product!