Reseller Assets

Welcome to the KICK-EEZ® Reseller Assets Page, your one-stop destination for accessing exclusive marketing materials designed to showcase our premium line of rifle and shotgun recoil pads and shooting supplies.

Below includes the Official KICK-EEZ® Brand Style Guide, as well as other product sell sheets and marketing materials for download. 

KICK-EEZ® Official Brand Style Guide

The KICK-EEZ® Official Brand Style Guide is a comprehensive document outlining the visual identity standards and guidelines to ensure consistent and cohesive representation of the KICK-EEZ® brand across all marketing materials and communications.



KICK-EEZ® Trifold

acked with essential information about our premium rifle and shotgun recoil pads, shooting supplies, and accessories, this brochure is your go-to resource for showcasing the superior quality and performance of KICK-EEZ® products. With stunning visuals and detailed descriptions, it's the perfect tool to educate and engage customers at events, stores, and beyond.



KICK-EEZ® MAGPUL Recoil Pads Sell Sheet

This informative document highlights the innovative features and benefits of our collaboration with MAGPUL, delivering premium recoil pads designed to enhance shooting comfort and performance. With detailed product information and compelling visuals, this sell sheet is the perfect resource for showcasing the superiority of KICK-EEZ® MAGPUL Recoil Pads to customers and retailers alike



KICK-EEZ® Universal Pad Fitting Fixture Sell Sheet

This document highlights this American-made ‘Grinding Jig’ surpasses most other pad sanding fixtures with its superior features. It boasts a substantial 1-1/2” wide base plate that can be securely tightened to prevent any tilting during sawing or sanding operations.