General and Ordering

Why should I choose a KICK-EEZ recoil Pad

KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads are the ONLY Recoil Pads made of Sorbothane®, a visco-elastic polymer that has been medically and scientifically proven to be the FINEST cushioning material available today.

  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads reduce recoil by dispersing energy in ALL directions at oncewhen you fire your gun unlike other recoil pads that only disperse energy in two directions!
  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads will not distort or lose their effectiveness after being compressed thousands of times and they won’t bottom out like many other pads.
  • KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads contain no steel plates or hollow spots making them easy to grind to fit your gun.
  • Independent testing confirms that KICK-EEZ® Recoil Pads reduce twice as much recoil as all the other recoil pads on the market!

Does KICK-EEZ offer free shipping?

KICK-EEZ® is proud of our reputation as the global provider ofthe most effective shock absorbing padsoffered to shooting sports enthusiasts and hunters available in the industry today. In an effort to thank our loyal customers, we now offer FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $55 for all Internet orders shipping to a location in the contiguous United States.

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 877-KICKEEZ. A member of our team will be glad to help!

Thank you once more for your interest in KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane®-based products and accessories.

Do I need an account?

No. You can place an order as a guest with no obligation to create an account. We do recommend that you create an account, however, if you’d like to check your order history and have your shopping basket items and payment details saved for next time.


If you are a gunsmith or dealer please use the link below to apply for a dealer account:


https://kick-eez.mybigcommerce .com/new-accounts/ 

Does KICK-EEZ have a return policy?

Within 30 days of your order (And with no damage to the product) simply return the product with your order
number to the address below. If you would like an exchange please note the product you would like it exchanged for and the return address.


524 Buck Place
Unit A
Lexington KY 40511