Improved Performance

KICK-EEZ Recoil pads work by reducing the felt recoil of a firearm when it is fired. The pad is designed to absorb and dissipate the energy generated by the recoil, which helps to reduce the amount of force that is transferred to the shooter's shoulder.

The key to the effectiveness of KICK-EEZ Recoil pads is the material they are made from. KICK-EEZ pads are made from a proprietary material called Sorbothane, which is a synthetic polymer that has a unique ability to absorb shock and vibration. When a firearm is fired, the recoil energy is transferred to the pad, which compresses and absorbs the energy. The Sorbothane material then quickly returns to its original shape, ready to absorb the next shot. Unlike other recoil pads, there are no internal air pockets in a KICK-EEZ pad which allows for increased customization but, even more important, a more consistent mount and recoil every time. 

The shape and contour of the KICK-EEZ pad also play a role in its effectiveness. The pad is designed to fit the curvature of the shoulder and provide a secure and comfortable fit. This helps to distribute the recoil energy evenly across the pad and prevent it from concentrating in one area. 

KICK-EEZ Recoil pads are available in several different shapes, and each shape is designed to fit a specific type of firearm and shooting application. Here are the various shapes of KICK-EEZ Recoil pads and why shape matters:

Pre-fit: KICK-EEZ offers pre-fit recoil pads for various rifles and shotguns, including popular models from Remington, Winchester, and Browning. These pads are designed to match the contours of the stock and require no fitting or modifications. These pads, like our Grind-To-Fit, can also be ground if modification is needed. 

Grind-to-fit: KICK-EEZ offers Grind-To-Fit recoil pads that can be customized to fit a variety of rifles and shotguns. These pads are oversized and can be ground down to match the contours of the stock for a precise fit. Grind-To-Fit recoil pads have no internal air pockets or metal shims. You can grind the pad all the way to within ½” of the screw hole (There is a metal washer around the screw hole). In this category are various shapes; Sporting Clays, All-Purpose, Trap, Magnum, Rocker, Special Slotted, and Magpul recoil pads.


Sporting clays (200 Series): KICK-EEZ offers sporting clays recoil pads that are specifically designed for clay shooting. These pads are typically longer than standard pads and have a more pronounced curve, which helps to position the shooter's head in the correct position for consistent cheek weld. There is also a 45 Degree angle on the Sporting Clay Recoil pad that helps prevent the pad from getting snagged on clothes with being raised from a low gun possition. This makes it a favorite among our Sporting Clay, FITASC, and bird hunters. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

All-purpose (300 Series): KICK-EEZ also offers all-purpose recoil pads that are designed to fit a variety of firearms and shooting applications. These pads have a flat face which makes them versatile and offers a good balance of recoil reduction and comfort. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

Trap (400 Series): KICK-EEZ offers trap recoil pads designed for use with shotguns used for trap shooting. These pads have a pronounced concave design to help hold the pad in the shoulder pocket and give a consistent mount. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

Magnum (500 Series): KICK-EEZ offers magnum recoil pads designed for use with heavy-recoiling firearms, such as magnum rifles and shotguns. These pads are thicker than our standard pads, which helps to distribute the recoil energy over a larger area and reduce felt recoil. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

Rocker Pad (600 Series): The KICK-EEZ Rocker Pad is a unique design with a curved surface that rocks back and forth with the shooter's movement. This helps to reduce felt recoil and improve shooter comfort. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

Special Slotted (800 Series): The KICK-EEZ Special Slotted recoil pad is designed for use with shotguns and rifles with unique (Not 3 and ⅛” hole spacing).  The slotted series recoil pad can accommodate screw hole spacing as close as  2 ⅛” to 3 ¾”. The pad is a flat top with a slight curve at the heel offering combination of the Sporting Clay and the Classic recoil pad. The screw hole spacing on this pad is 3 ⅛”.

Magpul recoil pads: KICK-EEZ offers three types of Magpul Recoil Pads - the Carbine, the Hunter SGA, and the KZ-TAC. 


The shape of a recoil pad matters because it affects the fit, comfort, and performance of the firearm. A poorly fitting recoil pad can cause discomfort and may even affect accuracy, while a properly fitted pad can improve comfort and help to reduce felt recoil. By offering different shapes of recoil pads, we are able to provide shooters with a customized fit and improved shooting experience.