Magnum Recoil Pad


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The Magnum Recoil Pad is a highly versatile and effective accessory designed to alleviate the intense recoil experienced by shooters when using extra large bore guns. However, its universal design makes it equally adept at reducing heavy kickback in any gun. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, this recoil pad provides unbeatable cushioning and absorbs the shock of each shot, thus mitigating the recoil felt by the shooter. Its hole spacing of 3 & 1/8 adds to its adjustability, allowing you to customize your gun to suit your unique preferences. Whether you're an avid hunter, seasoned marksman or a casual shooter, the Magnum Recoil Pad is a must-have addition to your firearm equipment. Its superior design ensures optimal comfort, making it ideal for extended shooting sessions. Invest in the Magnum Recoil Pad today for a user-friendly and effective solution to heavy gun recoil.