Special "Slotted" Series Recoil Pad


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The Special Slotted Series Recoil Pad is the perfect solution for those who struggle with fitting stocks such as the Benelli (including synthetic), the Browning Gold, the Beretta 390, and many other problematic fittings. Its unique elliptical hole design, accompanied by special slotted features, makes for a versatile pad that can accommodate hole spacing from 2-15/16" to 3-3/4".
The pad measures 2 & 1/4" wide and 6" long, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your firearm. Its thoughtful design includes a heel-to-hole center measurement of 7/8" and a toe-to-slot start measurement of 1 3/8", providing a tailored experience for each individual's needs.
Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Special Slotted Series Recoil Pad offers superior comfort and control, reducing recoil and optimizing your shooting experience. If you're in search of a reliable and adaptable recoil pad, look no further than the Special Slotted Series Recoil Pad.