Pre-fit KZ 106 Recoil Pad


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Introducing the KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Recoil Pad, specially designed to fit a wide range of shotguns and rifles, including those with varying stock dimensions from different manufacturers. With our 19 templates, you can easily match your gun stock butt to the correct KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pad, ensuring a perfect fit. Make sure to check all the templates for every stock and model to guarantee a proper fit.
Our KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Recoil Pads feature a thickness of 1-1/8", except for the KZ-115 and KZ-119 models, which are both 15/16" thick. For the KZ-106 model, the hole spacing measures precisely at 3 1/8". Our clients frequently choose our Pre-Fit Pads for their simplified installation process – all you need is a disc or belt sander. Start with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, making several passes to reduce heat build-up before finishing with 220 or 400 grit sandpaper. For a smooth, polished look, radius the edges of the pad with 220 grit or a scotch brite pad. To place an order, simply provide us the Model # located on each template. With our KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Recoil Pad, enjoy improved shooting comfort without compromising on fit, quality, or style.

> Most Pre-Fit Pads are 1-1/8" thick except the KZ-115 and the KZ-119; they are both 15/16" thick.

 >The hole spacing for the KZ-106 is 3 1/8"


Make  and Model  Stock Pad
Browning A-Bolt Synth KZ-106
Browning BPS Youth and Ladies Wood KZ-106
Harrington/Richards SB2-988 Slug Hunter Wood/Laminate KZ-106
Remington Model 870 Youth Wood KZ-106
Winchester Model 70 Wood KZ-106
Winchester Model 94 Wood KZ-106