Pitch Spacers

Kick-EEZSKU: 105-120

Size: 1/2" thickness


These jet black spacers are made from a strong lightweight plastic polymer. They are easy to fit, grind and finish. They have superior machining and sanding characteristics for a GREAT LOOK. The universal slotted holes at each end make it easy to match almost any hole location. The uniform ends make one spacer either positive or negative depending on which end is up. Use one or more for your personal pitch.

Customer Reviews

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Gary G.

The 1/2" spacer and the Pitch spacers are exactly what I was looking for.

Gino T.
Pitch spacers

I fit shot guns for my friends. spacers are the easier way to get it done.\r\nYou get pretty close. Then comes the fine adjustments.

Kirk J.
Pitch spacer

My Darne 28 ga stock needed a change in pitch (for me). The Kick eez pitch spacer worked perfectly so i didn’t have to cut the original stock.

Charles J.M.
Why pitch spacer

I use them all the time when fitting a gun for a customer. Use them on a temporary basis. When the customer is satisfied with the fit I remove the temporary spacer and pad. Then cut the stock and install a new pad

Donald A.
Just what we needed.

Used this spacer to adjust the pitch on my sons Caesar Guerini. Was easy to fit and shape. And in addition to the Kick Eez pad solved the fit issues that was causing him discomfort in the face and shoulder.

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