Slip-On Inserts


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KICK-EEZ® Sorbothane® RECOIL INSERTS are the ultimate solution for anyone looking to add an extra layer of protection against recoil. These inserts have been designed to fit precisely into the KICK-EEZ® SLIP-OVER RECOIL PAD, but can also be easily incorporated with other popular "slip-on" style recoil pads (can be trimmed to fit if necessary). The KICK-EEZ® RECOIL INSERTS are made from 100% Sorbothane material, which is a highly advanced and scientifically proven visco-elastic polymer that is renowned for its exceptional shock absorption properties. This Sorbothane material has been specially engineered to help reduce the impact of recoil forces, which is especially helpful for individuals who need to use firearms frequently or for extended periods of time.
Each package of KICK-EEZ® RECOIL INSERTS comes with two 1/4" inserts that can be used in combination to adjust the length-of-pull. This added feature makes these inserts ideal for shooters who wish to customize their shooting experience and ensure that they have maximum comfort while shooting. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just starting, the KICK-EEZ® RECOIL INSERTS are a must-have accessory that will significantly enhance your shooting experience. So, if you are someone who is looking for superior recoil protection, then KICK-EEZ® RECOIL INSERTS are the answer to all your problems!
Note: 100% Sorbothane 1/2" Insert Included. These can be used with other Slip-On Pads to help reduce recoil.