A1 & A2 Screw-On Pre-Fit

Kick-EEZSKU: A2-111

Color: Black


Screw-On Pre-Fit Recoil Pad

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Warren W.
KICK-EEZ replacement for Anderson A2 Upper Receiver

1st - I really like the KICK-EEZ butt pad that replaced the stock A2 on my Anderson L.R. ... BUT the screws provided did not match the holes provided in the Receiver. I had nothing that would work. Required installation by my local Gunsmith.
This AR is chambered in 7.62x39, not a big kicker, but with old issues I have, I very much appreciate the looks and feel of this butt pad.
Good product, just disappointed in the screws sent with it.

andrew t.
Awesome pad, not a great fit

I’m a cheap bastard, but I have 2 a2 utg stocks that are on a ar10 & ar15 in 350 leg. The factory plate for those will absolutely rape you!! These but pads are better than preparation H as far as soothing and being comfortable to shoot. The fitment is not great but with gaps and overhang, but a great fix over the alternative!

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