Pre-fit KZ-114 Recoil Pad


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The Pre-fit KZ-114 Recoil Pad is an exceptional product designed for a wide range of shotguns and rifles. Using a template-based system, KICK-EEZ® has created 19 templates to help you match your gun stock butt to the correct pad. This ensures a perfect fit every time, despite manufacturer stock variations that can often make finding the right pad difficult.
Crafted with superior quality and attention to detail, this pad is 1-1/8" thick and is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience. Ideal for use with Browning BPS 10 GA, Savage Model 14/114, Winchester Model 1300 and Winchester Model 1400 synthetic stock recoil pads (close), this pad has been designed and tested to provide exceptional recoil reduction, allowing you to focus on your aim and accuracy.
The grinding process for this pad is made easy and efficient using a disc or belt sander. Simply install the pad, scribe a pencil line around the stock, and start sanding. With 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, make several passes to avoid heat buildup, before finishing with either 220 or 400 grit sandpaper. Finally, radius the edges of the pad with 220 grit or a Scotch Brite pad for a professional finish.
Incorporating innovative design, exceptional quality, and ease of use, the Pre-fit KZ-114 Recoil Pad is an essential addition to any shooter's gear. Order now, and experience the difference for yourself.
  • Browning BPS 10 GA. Wood Stock Recoil Pad 
  • Savage Model 14/114 Wood Stock Recoil Pad 
  • Winchester Model 1300 Synthetic Stock Recoil Pad 
  • Winchester Model 1400 Synthetic Stock Recoil Pad (Close)