Magnum Recoil Pad

Kick-EEZSKU: 501-125-L-B

Size (W x L x Thickness): (501-125-L) 2" x 5 5/8" x 1 3/8"
Color: Black


The magnum recoil pad was originally designed for use on extra large bore guns, but it is suitable for any gun to tame heavy recoil.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Solen S.

This kick-eez is amazing, I bought the magnum recoil pad for my Remington 700 ADL 30-06. I went out this weekend to re-sight the scope in, When I shot the 1-st round I was bracing for a big kick, wow, it had a **** of a kick before, but now it was about 65 to 70 % less than before. This magnum Kick-eez recoil pad work for my Remington 30-06.

Dale C.
Recoil improvement

I put them on a 300 weatherby magnum and a30-06 really helped on the recoil would recommend .Easy to order arrived in two days

Jordan A.
Mounted on a 10GA single shot

The best recoil reduction I could have hoped for, but unfortunately the force of the recoil has cracked/split and chipped quite a bit of material. Shot less than 10 times, and it definitely didn't bump into anything other than my shoulder. I would rate 5 stars for recoil reduction, but probably a 1 for durability.

Jerry T.
Recoil pad

These are the best pads I have found. I have fitted more pads than I can remember and have never had a pad better than these.

James J.
Recoil pads

Over the last thirty years I have installed over twenty thousand kickeze pads. Never had one come back because it didn’t work as advertised. Jim Jamison/thegunfitter

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